Koolute Partners with SenBlock to Drive Blockchain Education and Adoption in Senegal

Koolute Investments.
2 min readNov 29, 2022

We are excited to announce our partnership with SenBlock; a not-for-profit association founded by Mouhammad Dieng and Daouda Niang, whose objective is to participate in the education of Senegalese on Blockchain technology and its applications such as cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Africa is booming in terms of blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption. At Koolute, we know that this growth must be accompanied by strong education and legislation. The continent's large, mostly unbanked population and lack of financial institutions contribute to the appeal and expansion of cryptocurrencies. This brings so many new alternatives and opportunities for both the people and institutions.

SenBlock is the most active crypto community in Senegal, and this has been a key decider for us when we considered a partnership to help us drive awareness of Koolute’s work transforming real estate and its value chains with the blockchain. SenBlock as a partner has been a critical player, and has;

  • Actively participated in the education of Senegalese people on the blockchain, web3, and its applications such as cryptocurrency and NFTs.
  • Built a local talent pipeline
  • Participated in the availability of technical and scientific resources necessary to develop applications on the blockchain.

“This long-term partnership will create employment by empowering local expertise and massively educate the real estate value chain on the possibilities of the blockchain to revolutionize how we do things currently. From Architects and real estate developers to buyers, sellers, the construction industry, and more, we are positive that a lot of education is needed at all levels to increase awareness of the potential of the blockchain to drive local participation, boost investments in the Senegalese economy, and create real long term value.” Cannelle Maricaux said speaking on the partnership.

As Koolute, we think of ourselves as long-term institutional players, and by taking these first steps, SenBlock will be an important player in preparing the talent ecosystem for this reality, as well as in driving the strategic education of key players across different verticals. This SenBlock and Koolute partnership will quickly spur young people to understand the blockchain, accelerate blockchain adoption with real use cases, drive multi-stakeholder engagements across policymakers, regulators, investors, and governments, and create ecosystems that promote innovation and creativity in this space.



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